European Alliance Against Depression (EAAD)

The European Alliance Against Depression, EAAD is an international non-profit organization based in Leipzig, Germany, with several European members and more than 100 regional network partners in Europe. The main aim of the EAAD is to improve the care and to optimize the treatment for patients with depressive disorders and to prevent suicidality by initiating and implementing community-based 4-level intervention programmes.

It was co-funded within the EC Public Health Program until 2008. Since 2008 it is established as an independent research association and organization. Research expertise covers community-based intervention programs throughout EU in the field of depression and suicide prevention and dissemination of research results. The EAAD is involved in several European research projects targeting depression and suicide prevention in Europe. Additionally EAAD promotes young researchers and has an established network of international researchers, experts, clinicians, stakeholders, patient organizations and platforms.



Project coordinator: Dr. Elisabeth Kohls

Juliane Hug





European Alliance Against Depression e.V. (EAAD)

Semmelweisstr. 10, Haus 13

04103 Leipzig, Germany