PARC SANITARI SANT JOAN DE DEU (PSSJD,  is a private non-for profit institution that includes a general hospital and a large network of mental health services which provides comprehensive mental health and disability services, including neurodegenerative diseases. Its served area approximately includes one million people. It also focuses on bringing together basic research scientists and research clinicians in the areas of public health, mental disorders and disability. It also includes geriatrics long-term care institutions and has one of the nodes of the national brain banks, specifically devoted to psychiatric disorders. It also carries out pre and postgraduate education and research.

The mental health scientific activity of PSSJD is organized in 2 research groups: health services research and outcome measurement; severe mental disorders.

Multidisciplinarity, the cautious observation of ethical principles and the harmonization of research and health care delivery are three of the characteristic traits of the investigation at PSSJD. PSSJD also develops new health care services, as home care for persons with severe disability or tele-medicine.